ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing
ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing
ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing
ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing

ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing

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Product Review

The ResMed ClimateLineTM Max Oxy tube is ideal for those who are using an S9™ device and require supplemental oxygen. It neatly connects to the back of the device, removing the inconvenience of a separate tube connection to the mask and allowing the oxygen to completely mix with warmed, humidified air.

Item #: 36995

Product Details

ResMed ClimateLine Tubing works in harmony with your H5i humidifier to give you measured and controlled heat and humidification at the mask, virtually eliminating rain out. It is 40% lighter, 20% thinner, and takes up 35% less space.In addition to this, ResMed introduces a smart-fit cuff design that makes it easier to attach and remove the tube from your mask and machine.

Cleaning Instructions:

Disconnect and clean weekly. Wash the tube using warm water and mild detergent.
Rinse well. Hang to air dry tube before use. Do not hang in direct sunlight. The tubing can be submerged in water, however, if this occurs it must be completely dried before using.

Product Features

  • Saves valuable time by eliminating the need to connect separate oxygen tubing 
  • Slim and sleek design improves your comfort by offering more flexibility and reducing mask drag
  • Supports higher bilevel pressures needed to treat challenging obstructive lung diseases

Product Specifications

Brand: ResMed
Manufacturer: ResMed
Adwords_grouping: Tubing 
Part Type: Tubing
Included In Box: Single tubing
HCPCS Reimbursement Code: A4604
GTIN: 619498369959
Warranty: 90 Days
Hose Length: 78 inches
Hose Diameter: 15mm
Hose Material: Polyethylene
Latex and Silicone Free: Yes

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