Top view of XT Fit.
Tilted view of XT Fit.
Top view of XT Fit.
Tilted view of XT Fit.

Apex XT Fit CPAP

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Product Overview

XT Fit is one of the smallest CPAP in the market. Its palm-sized and lightweight design lends itself well to travel.

This product requires RX.

Item #: SF01101

Product Features

Compact Size

  • Palm-size design makes it easy to be packed into carry-on luggage

PVA Pressure Variation Algorithm

  • Reduce pressure during the transition from Inspiration to Expiration
  • Maintain lower pressure level (depending on the PVA setting) during Expiration phase
  • Return to therapeutic pressure in the end of Expiration phase

Enhanced Pressure Stability

  • The enhanced pressure stability avoids additional work of breathing and makes better patient synchrony

Ultra Quiet Operation

  • The delicate technical design ensures an ultra quiet noise level during operation

    Easy-to-Use Interface

    • The LCD display with backlit is clear to read, and the intuitive user interface is easy to use

    Built-in Power Supply

    • No need to carry an extra external power supply, which is perfect for travel

    SD Card

    • Provides a simple way to record patient's data and remotely update the pressure setting
    1. Carry bag
    2. USB cable a
    3. SD card b
    4. User manual
    5. XT machine
    6. Power cord
    7. 6’ CPAP tubing

    Product Specifications

     Pressure Range (cmH2O)
    4.0 - 20.0 ( 0.5 cmH2O increment )
    Ramp Time (min)
    0 - 45 ( 5 min increments )
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    5.8” x 5” x 3.9” ( 14.8 cm x 12.8 cm x 10 cm )
    1.76 lb ( 800 g )
    Power Supply
    100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz, Universal power supply
    Data Storage: Summary Data N/A
    Efficacy Data (AHI, Leak) N/A

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